It's senior year of college, so you know what that means... Time to complete that required gym class that you dropped freshman year but need to graduate.

You're already in shape, so the class seems like it'll be a snooze. But there's one other senior in the class, and there's something about her...


Made for the Sex Games Jam, so... yeah, contains nudity and sex.

Bisexual male protagonist, mostly involving relationships with women, although there's a brief male alternate ending.

The game is a prequel of sorts to our ongoing project Grapple Day, which features the same characters but goes a lot crazier.

(Note: the web version may not run on Safari and may introduce temporary blurriness. For best performance, download directly.)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.1 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withKrita, Ren'Py
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Eroge, Erotic, LGBT, Pixel Art, Romance, Slice Of Life


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Heart Rates (Windows & Linux) 115 MB
Heart Rates (Mac) 80 MB


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Deleted 105 days ago

thanks for the heads up, but pretty sure those are false positives. None of those 4 security vendors are big names, and it looks like reputable antivirus  vendors like BitDefender mark the file as clear.  In my experience, in general is not super dangerous for malware since games are uploaded by their creators, and if we put malware in them, it’s super easy to track us down, lol. 


hi absintheandmustard! we both contributed to sex games jam and i'm working on a new adult bundle for NNAF now. existing work welcome anytime or new work made through july 20. i'm hoping you'll check it out and consider contributing! thank you :)

oh hey, thanks for the heads up. Yes, of course, we’ll do whatever we can to help this cause. Our game is submitted. Best of luck with the bundle!!

hi friends -- the bundle is ready for approval here!


tried in an android browser and git an error code that ended with telling me ti report it to apple. 🤔

yeah, unfortunately, it doesn't work right in some browsers, particularly mobile. No clue why you'd be getting an Apple error message—we used an open-source tool called renpy to make it. we've been looked into doing an actual Android port maybe eventually but still aren't sure how to make it happen yet. 


fair enough. hope it happens. cheers for the answer.


Actually very wholesome and thoughtful! "Realer" stuff like this is underappreciated.

Thanks! Yeah, we were definitely trying to find a way to combine something more realistic with game-y elements